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Meet the team

Kerry Jane Evans - Head of Open the Book

Kerry leads the OtB team, who in turn support thousands of Storytellers across England and Wales. She is excited to see the new programme being shared with children. Kerry has a passion for children hearing Bible stories and churches serving their whole community. She sees schools as a crucial part of Children and Family ministry.

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Angela Lopez Branco - OtB Global Lead

Angela works alongside the Open the Book Team to develop and support projects globally. Her role in the Bible Society International team enables her to inspire those in countries outside England and Wales. Angela is excited to encourage ways to connect with children in a range of fantastic Open the Book projects, often delivered in their heart language.

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Regional Training and Development Officers

Sarah Morris - South Wales

Sarah, our Wales Training and Development Officer, lives in West Wales. She trains Welsh and English language teams in South Wales and supports volunteer trainers in North Wales.

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Rachel Cully – Wales and South West England

Rachel has worked in education for 25 years. She is passionate about creative, engaging experiences for children and excited about using storytelling to share the word of God. Rachel trains and supports OtB teams in Wales and the South West of England.

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Ruth Holden – Mid and North West England and North Wales

Ruth is passionate about religious literacy, storytelling and education, and so the OtB project is very close to her heart. She trains and develops OtB teams in the Midlands and North West England. 

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Fiona Walton - Yorkshire

Fiona lives in Sheffield and trains, develops and supports Open the Book teams across Yorkshire. She has been a primary school teacher for over 40 years and still teaches part-time. She is passionate about the stories of God in the Bible and sharing them with school children who otherwise might not hear them. She also loves Yorkshire!

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Rob Wallace - North England

Rob has been an Open the Book Storyteller for five years, taking assemblies in four Newcastle schools. A former secondary teacher and OtB Volunteer Trainer. Bringing these great Bible stories alive for the first time for these children is fantastic fun and Rob wants to help lots of other people to enjoy that privilege.

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Steff Shepherd - South East England

Steff trains and supports teams in the South East of England. She lives in Surrey and has worked for the NHS, in education and with  children and young people. She has a background working in special needs and has been involved in the Open the Book Makaton Project an OtB Associate Trainer after first starting as a Volunteer Trainer.

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