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What would Jesus pin? Bible engagement on Pinterest

People are experiencing the Bible on Pinterest every day. What do their encounters show us? How can we make such encounters more meaningful?

Bible Society’s ‘What would Jesus Pin? Bible Transformation on Pinterest’ event showed the potential for Bible mission on a specific digital platform.

We discovered that the Bible on Pinterest is serving all kinds of purposes including sharing encouraging and challenging Bible verses, and offering emotional support and spiritual guidance.

At the event we heard from Adam Graber, co-host of the Device & Virtue podcast, who provided an overview of Pinterest Bible engagement. We then heard from Divine Lufuankenda, the founder of Christian blog ministry For All Is Through Him, who is reaching millions of Pinterest users every month with her content.

The event was held on the Bible Transformers Discord server which offers a resources section for those wanting to run a digital Bible mission event in their local context.

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