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Bible in the Metaverse

A networking event for digital theologians, church leaders and pioneers to discuss how we communicate the Bible in the metaverse.

Bible Society brought together digital theologians, church leaders and pioneers for an online event on Thursday 30 March 2023. The conversation informed church efforts to culturally translate the Bible for digital culture.

Avatar participants had the opportunity to network and meet with others on this vital journey, as we looked to combine good digital theology with real world practice.

The panel explored:

  • What do we mean by digital theology?
  • How would a digital theologian assess what is happening when we preach and interpret Scripture together in the metaverse?
  • When creating digital Bible communications in the metaverse, how might we define what success looks like? What do we mean by ‘does it work’? Is a cultural Bible translation on a metaverse platform even possible?


Frida Mannerfelt

Frida Mannerfelt is a pastor in the Lutheran Church of Sweden and a research fellow at University College Stockholm. This spring she will defend her thesis, Co-preaching: the Practice of Preaching in Digital Culture and Spaces.

Co-Preaching: The Effects of Religious Digital Creatives’ Engagement in the Preaching Event by Frida Mannerfelt

Dr Kate Ott

Dr Kate Ott is the Jerre and Mary Joy Stead Professor of Christian Social Ethics, and Director of the Jerre L and Mary Joy Center for Ethics and Values at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, USA. She is the author of Sex, Tech, and Faith (2022); Christian Ethics for a Digital Society (2018); and Sex + Faith: Talking to Your Child from Birth to Adolescence (2013).

Revd Dr Peter Phillips

Revd Dr Peter Phillips is currently Tutor and Director of the Centre for Digital Theology at Spurgeon’s College in London, an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University, and Minister in the Thames Valley Methodist Circuit. Pete’s recent publications include The Bible and Digital Millennials, published by Routledge in 2019, 'Defining Digital Theology', published in De Gruyter’s Open Theology Journal, and Missio Dei in a Digital Age, published by SCM Press in 2020.

Dr John Dyer

Dr John Dyer is Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Channelling Eric Liddell, Dr Dyer likes to say, ‘When I code, I can feel God’s pleasure.’ The desire to glorify God by showing how our creativity is an important aspect of our role as image bearers drives Dr Dyer’s work and teaching. A former youth pastor, he enjoys working with students to see how the biblical story brings insight and clarity to the ideas found in science, sociology and culture. Dr Dyer is married to Dr Amber Dyer, a literature and philosophy professor, and has two lovely children.

Panel Moderator

Siân Wyn Rees, Bible Society’s Head of Wales

Siân Wyn Rees previously served as Director of Evangelical Alliance in Wales. Siân has also taught Performing and Expressive Arts and brings a fantastic sense of creativity to her role developing Bible Society’s mission in Wales, to mobilise the Church and leaders from all walks of life.

Event Partners

  • Centre for Digital Theology at Spurgeon’s College



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