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Bible in Digital Media

This online event brought together digital theologians, church leaders and pioneers. The conversation aimed to inform church efforts to culturally translate the Bible for digital culture.


Jon Collins

CoFounder, Chief Creative Officer, Board Chair at BibleProject

Jon was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and is proud to call Portland home. He has been married for 20 years and has two boys.

Jon received a BA in Bible and Theology at Multnomah University.

After working overseas in Christian ministry and then serving for a year as a pastor, Jon stepped into the marketplace to explore digital communication. He started two digital communication companies and worked with clients ranging from Google and P&G to Silicon Valley start-ups and nonprofits. In 2009, Jon’s first company, Epipheo, introduced the business world to “explainer videos.” Jon has a long history of creating shareable videos that spread messages organically on the internet.

In early 2016, Jon ended his participation in former business ventures to work exclusively on BibleProject, which he has helped grow over 100 employees and reach 200 million people. 

Paul S Williams

Chief Executive, Bible Society

Paul Williams is Chief Executive of Bible Society having previously worked for over a decade in business in London and then as an academic theologian in Canada. He is the visionary behind ReFrame, an innovative resource for whole life discipleship, produced by Regent College, Vancouver, where he holds a Research Professorship of Marketplace Theology and Leadership. 

Paul brings prayerful and critical consideration, leadership expertise, and a background in economics, business, political philosophy and theology to the Church’s missional engagement with contemporary culture. His recent book, Exiles on Mission: How Christians Can Thrive in a Post-Christian World explores the experience of living as Christians in the 21st century and provides a missional understanding of post-Christendom Christianity, alongside constructive tools to help readers understand culture and form a missional response. Paul is married to Sarah and they have two adult daughters.

Panel Moderator

Dr Jonas Kurlberg

Jonas is the Director for Postgraduate Studies and a Tutor in Theology at Spurgeon’s College. His primary research interest is in the nexus between Christian faith and digital culture. Jonas convenes the Global Network for Digital Theology, which brings together scholars across a range of disciplines to collaborate and further this emerging field of study. He is also an Honorary Fellow at the Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University and serves as a member of the Lausanne Movement’s Theology Working Group Network. 

Event partners

  • Centre for Digital Theology at Spurgeon's College


  • Bible Society
  • Centre for Digital Theology at Spurgeon's College

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