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Sponsor Open the Book overseas

Your team, group or organisation can bring the Bible to children internationally by sponsoring an Open the Book project in another country.

Whether you’re part of an Open the Book team, or a different group of people passionate about sharing God’s word, this is an opportunity for you to bring the transformative joy of the Bible into schools beyond this country. With a donation of £200, you can sponsor an Open the Book project overseas.

In Africa, you can fully fund the work of one team for a year. In Latin America, you can bring the Open the Book experience to children with disabilities. Whichever you choose, with a donation of £200, you can give hundreds of primary school children an awesome grounding in God’s word.

You can also support Open the Book overseas without sponsoring a team, but by giving an amount of your choice. Find out more about Open the Book.

Sponsor Open the Book in:

Africa Latin America

African projects


Ruby is part of the team at Open the Book Ghana

‘Will you help us bring a powerful interactive experience of Scripture for children in Ghana each year? We’re visiting primary schools in Ghana’s two biggest cities, Accra and Kumasi. Our vision is for children to acquire biblical values that will shape their lives for the future.

‘I really like Open the Book because it speaks to the heart of children in a special way that brings the story alive to them.’


Anne is part of the team at Open the Book Kenya

‘Your support will give one of our teams everything it needs for a full year of releasing the power of the Bible in Kenya’s primary schools. We want to see a Bible-reading culture among young people that transforms their lives. 

‘Open the Book is so special to me. It stands out as a child-friendly approach to Bible outreach. Children are so excited to listen because they’re getting to experience the word of God in a way they can relate to. This is the most unique and attractive children’s programme we have, and it’s something I missed when I was a child.’


Janeviva is part of the team at Open the Book Uganda

‘Your team can become a key partner as we bring Open the Book to Uganda’s schools. Over here, 60 percent of the population is under 18, and we consider children’s minds our greatest natural resource.

I coordinate youth and children’s projects at the Bible Society of Uganda. Open the Book is very captivating to children. It has really helped my school outreaches because we have been able to read and act out Bible stories. When children get involved in the acting, the impact of the stories is greater and it gives them a way to share what they have learned.’

How it works – in Africa

When you and your organisation sponsor an Open the Book project in Africa, your £200 donation will cover all the costs of one of the teams serving in that country for a full year of outreach. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Books: £100:
    Your support will equip each member of the team with the storybook that makes Scripture an interactive experience for children, as well as an essential training handbook
  • Operations: £100:
    Thanks to you, the team will be able to travel to schools and purchase second-hand clothing to make costumes

Sponsor today and we’ll send your group a certificate to acknowledge your support for an Open the Book project overseas. You’ll also get a special booklet so you can learn more about Open the Book and its growth around the world.

Sponsor Ghana Sponsor Kenya Sponsor Uganda

Latin American projects


Argentine Bible Society sees Open the Book as a big part of the answer to the problem of younger generations being increasingly unfamiliar with the Bible. Children under the age of 12 have almost no knowledge at all of Bible stories. And where Bible teaching does exist for this age group, it often excludes children with disabilities and learning difficulties.

With your help, Open the Book Argentina can complete the full translation of Open the book materials into Spanish. They’ll also be able to train their Storytellers to reach out inclusively. Your sponsorship of the project in Argentina will ensure every child in a class has the opportunity to experience the power of Bible stories.


Save the Children has called Guatemala the toughest place in Latin America to grow up. Only a third of the country’s seven million children have access to education. But like Bible Society of Guatemala, which has just launched an Open the Book programme, you know that God’s word has good news for these children.

You can help Open the Book Guatemala to reach one and a half thousand children in their first year. You'll also enable them to train more Storytellers so their reach extends each year. 

The team is passionate about sharing Scripture through Open the Book’s enjoyable and interactive programme. They believe in the power of the Bible to change the direction of children’s lives, enabling them to grow into people who will help to transform their communities. Will you and your team support this amazing project?

Sponsor Guatemala

How it works – In Latin America

Open the Book is new to Latin America. The Guatemala project only launched in late 2022. Determined teams in both Guatemala and Argentina are working hard to adapt a programme that has been tremendously successful in England and Wales for their cultural context.

Your team or group can sponsor one of these promising Open the Book projects in Latin America. You’ll be supporting:

  • the translation of extensive Open the Book materials into Spanish
  • the development of inclusive programmes for children with special needs
  • the training of volunteer teams to serve in schools across these countries

Most importantly, you’ll be taking projects that are currently in the preliminary stages through to realisation, and supporting the teams as they come through training and start to visit schools. By sponsoring an Open the Book programme in Latin America, you will be helping volunteers, who are passionate about the power of Bible stories, to sow seeds of hope in their communities.

Sponsor Argentina Sponsor Guatemala 

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