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A gift in your will

Why our supporters have left us a legacy

See what supporters have said about leaving us a gift in their will ...

'The Bible is very important to me. After I became a Christian I started reading Scripture Union notes, and that led to an interest in Bible reading. It’s helped mould my life as a Christian, and I always try to encourage other people to read the Bible.

'Barbara and I have both left a legacy to Bible Society in our wills because we could see the importance, beyond our time, of people needing the Bible in their own language. That need will be around for a long time. Basically, I hope that through our legacy gift, people will come to the knowledge of Christ.'

Michael Priestley

'I have been a supporter for Bible Society since then – some 45 years. I read all the magazines sent out by Bible Society, and it makes me very pleased that my money is being used to provide the Bible to people in these ways.

'I’m a churchgoer and I read the Bible daily – I have done since I was five, encouraged by my parents, and I just kept going. I have a quiet time and prayer time every day.

'I made a will after my first husband died, and I saw there was provision for charities. I thought, right, what charities do I want to support, and Bible Society was at the top of the list. It’s not an enormous legacy, but I hope it will carry on doing the things I have been supporting through my regular donations – providing Bibles for people in their own language.'

Elizabeth Payne

'I have chosen to leave a legacy to Bible Society because there’s work that needs to be supported, particularly in China, the Middle East and North Africa, where Christianity is under pressure.

'The Bible is part of my life… There’s not much point in reading Scripture if you don’t take to heart what you’re being told. It has led me through my life to a position where I know from day to day that the Bible and the Holy Spirit speak to me in a personal way.

'My husband died four years ago, at the age of 92. We met at church and read the Bible together right up until shortly before his death.'

Barbara Warner

'I like the variety of work that Bible Society does… at one point it was just printing the Bible, but it’s a joy to see all the work happening now.

'I attended a church that encouraged you to read the Bible. I was privileged to be part of a Bible study group that gave me so much background about the Bible. My mind was really stretched. Now people don’t seem to have the same depth of knowledge.

'It took a long time before I read the Bible every day, but as a youngster I was always encouraged to memorise verses and learn collects. I have always been learning the Bible, and now I use the Scripture Union notes. My husband and I used to read the Bible together, and that was a joy.

'I hope my legacy gift would just ensure the great work Bible Society is doing carries on.'

Sheila Field

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