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Good News Bible – The Youth Edition

A Bible for young people, designed with young people

Bible Society and Youth for Christ have teamed up to create a truly unique Bible. Young people like you helped us put this Bible together. We listened to your ideas and heard what really matters to you: information to help you learn and dig deeper into the Bible’s message, challenges to make you think about what you read and tools to help you act on it – as well as time to reflect and space to create through journaling, drawing and adding colour.

"I really like the notes and activities on the inside as they get the reader more involved with the bible, enabling them to study the bible deeper than they would with any normal bible. The layout is great as its less in your face 'do some work ‘and more 'here’s something to look into want to have a go? The way it is set out kind of makes the notes jump out at you, inviting the reader to complete the activity."

Lauren, 15

Extra stuff!

Take a look at all the extra stuff you can download for free whenever you want – and let’s face it, who doesn’t like free? Download posters, timelines and other creative stuff - like sheets of decorative cut-outs to help fill the journaling space in your youth edition GNB.

Take a look, see what you like and help yourself.


There are loads of videos accompanying the new GNB youth edition.

Join Dan, Josh and Rianne as they chat about the Bible, how you can apply it to your lives and tackle some of the issues you might be dealing with – worry and anxiety, bullying, sex and relationships and making wise decisions are just some of the things covered, as well as a Bible reading plan to help you get started. 

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This Bible has been produced in partnership with Youth for Christ, without whose effort, creativity and passion, none of this would have been possible. To find out more about the fantastic work they do, please visit their website.

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