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Spoken Truth – Gospel Truth Spoken Word

Check out these spoken word films by poet Dai Woolridge, creatively bringing the Bible to life. An award-winning storyteller poet from South Wales, Dai blends rhythm and rhyme with passion, playfulness, and colloquial prose. 

The Bible in Four Minutes

The Bible in Four Minutes is a spoken word animation, written and narrated by poet and storyteller Dai Woolridge. You'll be taken through the Bible narrative with a piece of storytelling in three-part harmony – breathtaking animation, compelling sound design and a crafted piece of spoken word poetry.

Romans 8

This is Romans 8, accompanied by stunning visuals and an immersive soundtrack, and spoken aloud by poet Dai Woolridge. See, hear and feel it come to life, and experience one of the Bible’s most powerful chapters for yourself.

Eden – God’s story through spoken word

Eden is a spoken word film, telling the story of scripture in four beats – creation, fall, redemption and new creation. Written and performed by Dai Woolridge, the story captures the essence of the Gospel narrative and the Bible story in under 5 minutes. 

Peter: A two-part Easter spoken word

The Gospels are jam packed with the accounts of Jesus along with those who followed him, and this is especially true for the final week of Jesus’ life. For this Easter, you will find two spoken word films that tell the Easter story through the lens of Peter.

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