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Thomas_977267 - 2 years ago
P.S. how do I see other comments? Or am I the first?
Thomas_977267 - 2 years ago
I am looking into the Bible purely for interest. I have read how it contradicts itself and contains much that is bad, and found that difficult to believe and thought I should read it before I judge it.
The first page this site took me to was the gospel of Matthew. I don't know why it did so, but it was not my choice and so can be regarded as a truly random place to start. On this first, random page, I find that there is a prophesy that the son of Mary will be called Immanuel, but then they call the child Jesus. 'OK', I think, 'perhaps they mean the same thing.' I looked in the glossary, neither name is explained. I thought that at least 'Jesus' would be in there! I looked them up outside of the web site and they do not mean the same thing. One duff prophesy. Perhaps it wasn't significant?
I decide to begin at the beginning - to Genesis.
Oh dear. I'm not sure if this version of the Bible has been so radically edited that it has lost the meaning, but God comes over as a very vengeful and cruel being. I looked at the notes at the bottom of the page and they don't help at all.
My first question (of many). Why does God not want Adam and Eve to understand good and evil? Surely if they are to be good and avoid being evil, they need to know? Why does God put this temptation in their way and then point it out to them AND put a serpent in there to trick Eve into eating from it? Either he is all knowing and knew what would happen and relished the thought of punishing them and all of their offspring, or he is an Idiot!
As the story unfolds and the children of Adam and Eve appear, one of them kills the other (as far as I can tell because he has incurred the wrath of God because his offering wasn't quite as good as the other offering!!!!!) and is cursed (along with all his offspring again - nasty piece of work this God character, I don't like him at all. Clearly the villain here!) He declares his fear of what the others will do to him???? What others? There are only the four of them at this point! Poor editing again I presume?
A little later, after only sons have been produced, there are lots of women turning up out of nowhere to marry them. I know, poor editing!
I could go on but let's just move forward to Noah. God has decided he is going to murder everyone and everything now because they displease him. This all knowing, all wise supreme being is caught out again and tries to sort it out how? More vengeful cruelty, that's how.
A little later, Noah is lying naked in his tent. Sounds idylic. A bit of Noah time, just relaxing and thinking on things after a drink. His sons decide this is bad (???) and try to cover him up. Yes, more punishing, no understanding or compassion (where does this notion of a loving God come from?), more enslaving not just of the guilty one (guilty of what isn't explained) but of all his descendants too.
I've so far read about six pages and have entirely taken a dislike to God. Does it get any better? Is it worth me persevering or am I going to come across these errors and contradictions I've heard about? One is that the Bible endorses slavery, surely that can't be true.
On a more constructive note, you could improve your glossary considerably and the explanatory notes might include some actual explaining.
Regards, Tim
Paul_883094 - 2 years ago
Hello Tim, You're obviously having a hard time understanding. For example, Immaneul isn't a name but a title. In the original language it means "God with us". Jesus is his given name and they did not use family names. If they wanted to make a reference to a family they might say something like barjonah, meaning son of Jonah. If you want to understand the Scripture from reading an English translation (English being the most ambiguous language in existence) you're going to need a lot of help. You can ask me questions at if you are sincere in wanting answers.



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