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Thomas_977267 - 2 years ago
Oh for goodness sake! I've read a further single paragraph and it gets worse. The people all speak the same language and build a city with a tower. God is displeased (surprise) and decides that he will cause them all to scatter and speak different languages. He clearly wants to stir up suspicion and hatred here so that he can do a bit more punishing. God is not nice!
Luke_339699 - 2 years ago
God's instruction had been for people to spread over the earth, some decided "We'll become famous, and we won't be scattered all over the world." Some have suggested they may have been 'united' against their will by Nimrod. God put them back on track. Later at Pentecost he affirms that all languages are valid - our unity is in Christ not in conformity to one language or expression of culture.



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