Wholly Holy (9 July 2019)

Morning Encounter:


Be alert and think straight. Put all your hope in how kind God will be to you when Jesus Christ appears. Behave like obedient children. Don’t let your lives be controlled by your desires, as they used to be. Always live as God’s holy people should, because God is the one who chose you, and he is holy. That’s why the Scriptures say, “I am the holy God, and you must be holy too.”  

(1 Peter 1.13 – 16)  


Holiness can often have confusing and negative connotations. We may be tempted to think that holy people are boring, lifeless, self-righteous and judgemental. Yet real holiness means we are transformed to be like Christ, who embraced life and was deeply attractive to sinful people. Peter knew how hard it is to be holy- he had made some huge mistakes. But he knew he had been chosen, and he knew he was loved, and this spurred him on to be obedient.


Jesus always responded to people in the right way and at the right time. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you respond well to everyone you meet today.

Midday Meditation:

With all my heart, I praise the Lord,
and with all that I am I praise his holy name!
With all my heart, I praise the Lord!
I will never forget how kind he has been.

(From Psalm 103)

Evening Reflection:

You make my life pleasant, and my future is bright. I praise you, Lord, for being my guide.

(From Psalm 16)

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