The Time of your Life (7 October 2019)

Morning Encounter:


As we continue this month’s theme of simplicity, we focus this week on simplicity in how we use our time. We are each given seven twenty four hour periods in which we will sleep, work, eat, play and do all kinds of other things in between. This week we will look at how we can manage our time, be generous with our time and make the most of the time we have. You might want to use this as an opportunity to reflect on how wisely you use the time you have. Here are two good questions to help you think about time:

  1.  What you should do less?
  2.  What you should do more?

Reflect on these two questions in the context of your work, home and family commitments, social life, recreation and service to others. You might be drawn to making some specific changes to simplify your time.


Our Lord, in all generations
    you have been our home.
 You have always been God—
    long before the birth
    of the mountains,
    even before you created
    the earth and the world.

At your command we die
    and turn back to dust,
   but a thousand years
    mean nothing to you!
They are merely a day gone by
    or a few hours in the night.

You bring our lives to an end
    just like a dream.
We are merely tender grass
    that sprouts and grows
in the morning,
    but dries up by evening.

Teach us to use wisely
    all the time we have.

Psalm 90.1-6, 12


Psalm 90, attributed to Moses, reflects on the grandeur of God and eternity, and our limited time on earth. Moses wrote in an age that was more willing to put life into perspective and discuss themes like death and eternity. This Psalm was often read at a burial. It addresses big questions about how we will use our time wisely, where our priorities lie, what is really important and worthwhile.


Take time to reflect on this Psalm. In the light of these words, what is most important to you? How is God inviting you to use your time? What is necessary? What might be unnecessary?

Midday Meditation:

“The greatest issue facing the world today, with all its heartbreaking needs, is whether those who, by profession or culture, are identified as ‘Christians’ will become disciples – students, apprentices, practitioners – of Jesus Christ, steadily learning from him how to live the life of the Kingdom of the Heavens into every corner of human existence.”

(Dallas Willard)

Evening Reflection:

I am bending my knee

in the Eye of the Father, who created me,

in the Eye of the Son, who purchased me,

in the Eye of the Spirit, who cleansed me.

By your own Anointed One, O God,

bestow upon us fullness in our need.

Love towards God, the affection of God, the smile of God,

the wisdom of God, the grace of God, the fear of God,

and the will of God to do on the world of the Three

as angels and saints do in heaven;

each shade and light, each day and night,

each time in kindness, give us your Spirit.

(Prayer from Songs of the Gaels © 1992, Lindisfarne Press, Edinburgh)

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