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What does the Bible say about refugees?

Author: Helen Crawford, 18 April 2016

As part of our work around the world, we’re distributing Bibles to refugees fleeing the Middle East. Many of you have written messages of hope for us to include in these Bibles. But what does the Bible say about refugees? We asked theologian, Paula Gooder. 

Part 1: Jesus the refugee

In the first part of our mini series, Paula tells us about an oft-forgotten refugee and what that means for us. 

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Part 2: The gift of a stranger

Paula Gooder looks at the story of Ruth in the second part of our mini-series on what the Bible says about refugees.

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Part 3: The Land: living in it and leaving it

Paula looks at the biblical stories of exodus and exile to explore the ideas of home and belonging in the third part of our series.

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Part 4: Who is my neighbour?

In the final part of our series, Paula asks, ‘Who is my neighbour?’

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