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Life Lessons from Rahab

Author: Ryan Anderson, 12 January 2023

It can be easy to gloss over the actions of the people we read about in the Bible. In this series, we take a brief look at the lives of both well-known and less well-known characters, revealing a few principles that we can learn from and apply to our lives.

If you’re looking for an example of faith, courage and trust in God, Rahab is an excellent Old Testament example. She was a prostitute and a Canaanite, living in the city of Jericho during the time of Joshua’s conquest. Her story is full of lessons that can help us in our own lives today. Here are five important lessons we can learn from her:

1. Have courage in the face of adversity – Joshua 2.9

When two Israelite spies showed up at Rahab’s door, she didn’t hesitate to hide them and protect them from the king of Jericho. She knew her actions could cost her life, but she trusted God to keep her safe. In so doing, she showed us that we, too, can have courage in the face of adversity, and that we can trust God’s protection.

2. Believe in God’s promises – Joshua 2.11–13

Rahab believed in God’s promises, even though she wasn’t a part of the Israelite people. She asked the spies to swear an oath that God’s promise of protection would extend to her and her family. Her faith in God’s promises is an example to us that we can have faith in God’s promises, too.

3. Take risks for God – Joshua 2.18

Rahab risked her own life to help the two spies. She put her trust in God and took a risk to help God’s people. Rahab reminds us that we can take risks for God, no matter how frightening or intimidating they may be.

4. Know your worth – Joshua 2.1

As a prostitute, Rahab would have been an outsider in the town. The men would have used her and the women would have despised and hated her. But her story reminds us that God has a special care for outsiders, and that no one is worthless to him.

5. Trust in God’s future – Matthew 1.5

In the end, Rahab was rewarded for her faith and courage. She married an Israelite and eventually became one of the ancestors of Jesus. Rahab reminds us that we, too, have value in God’s eyes, and that our faith and courage can be rewarded.

These are just a few of the lessons we can learn from Rahab’s story. May we be inspired by her faith and courage, and trust in God’s promises and protection.

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