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Cornish Bible Project (Projekt an Bibel Kernewek)

Projekt an Bibel Kernewek

Ny veu an Bibel treylys dhe Gernewek y’n seytegves kannsblydhen, ha henna a veu onan an achesonyow rag difygyans an yeth. Assays a veu gwrys dhe dreylya peswar chaptra a Jenesis ha Matthew a-dro dhe 1700, mes ny vons sywys.

Projekt an Bibel Kernewek y’n termyn ma a dhallathas yn 1996. Skoedhys yw gans Kesva an Taves Kernewek, ha Bagas Keskusulyans Ekumenek Epskop Truru rag an Yeth Kernewek. Ha lemmyn ynwedh, Kowethas an Bibel re gemmeras an Projekt yn-dann y eskelli.

An Salmow a veu dyllys yn 1997, sywys gans Ruth, Ester, an Gan a Ganow ha Kynvannow. An Testament Nowydh a veu dyllys yn 2004, skoedhys gans oll an eglosyow yn Kernow. Arghepskop Kargens a dheuth dhe’n lonch. An dewdhek Profoes Berra re beu dyllys. An Pentatewgh yw kowlwrys hag a vydh dyllys kyn nep-pell. Ober re dhallathas war an Brofoesi Veur. Oll an treylyansow yw selys yn fyrv war an tekstow ebrow ha greka. Nyns eus dhyn dydhyas rag kowlwrians an ober.

A-dhia’n 1920-ow, servisyow re beu synsys yn eglosyow a dermyn dhe dermyn, hag yth esens ow kressya lemmyn. Lennlyver Berr re beu dyllys, may ma ynno prosesow biblek ha pysadow. Ni a breder y vos res porres , bos lev kristyon klewys yn krev yn dasvywans an yeth.

The Cornish Bible project

The Bible was not translated into Cornish in the sixteenth century, and that was one of the reasons why the language went into decline. Attempts were made to translate four chapters of Genesis and Matthew around 1700, but they were not followed up.

The present Cornish Bible Project started in 1996. It is supported by the Cornish Language Board and the Bishop of Truro’s Ecumenical Advisory Group for Cornish Language. The Bible Society has also now taken the Project under its wing.

The Psalms were published in 1997, followed by Ruth, Esther, Song of Songs and Lamentations. A complete New Testament was published in 2004, supported by all the churches in Cornwall; the Archbishop of Canterbury came to the launch. The twelve Minor Prophets have been published. The Pentateuch is complete and will be published soon. Work has begun on the Major Prophets. All the translations are firmly based on the Hebrew and Greek texts. We have no date set for completion of the work.

Since the 1920s, services have been held in churches from time to time, and they are now increasing. A lectionary has been published, containing Biblical passages and prayers. We consider it of the greatest importance that a Christian voice should be strongly heard in the language revival.

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