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ap Beibl – Welsh Bible app

Bible Society has made a fantastic Bible app for Scriptures in Welsh called ‘ap Beibl’.  It is available for free on Android and iPhones, and can be accessed as a webpage. It is the best place to read Welsh Scriptures online. The most popular translations also have audio so you can listen too. Our app is free to download and has no adverts. It includes your favourite Welsh Bible translations, and also some texts you probably haven’t heard of. It has texts from the oldest translations in the sixteenth century to the most recent. There is an ongoing project to digitise all translations into Welsh and more texts are added from time to time, to make this a valuable library of biblical resources. The app is used by ordinary people, pastors, scholars and Welsh learners. It is used across Wales, and also around the world where Welsh speakers are found in places like England, Australia and Patagonia.

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