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Discipleship Central: Rediscovering the way of Jesus in a new landscape

What have we learned from these last disruptive years about faithfully following Jesus?

How can the Church encourage deeper discipleship in such a noisy and fractious culture?

What tools are available to help our church communities in this pursuit?

This event will draw upon the richness of the Scriptures to rediscover the biblical foundations of discipleship. The Bible Society team will be joined by Professor David Ford to discover more about the learning community of faith that is so richly described in John’s gospel. In discussion with guests from home and overseas, we will gather the current insights from different cultures and generations. Sourcing the wisdom of the room both onsite and online, we will discover the most pressing issues involved in following Jesus as we emerge from covid restrictions. We will also hear first-hand testimony from a variety of communities about the challenges people are facing. As we bring the threads together, we will think through helpful resources to assist us in this journey of discipleship.

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Location: Emmanuel Centre, Westminster (view a map from Westminster to the Emmanuel Centre)
Date: Tuesday 5 July
Time: 10.30 am for 11.00 am start and 12.30 pm finish

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We’ve all had the rug pulled from under our feet. The pandemic has challenged many of the patterns and routines of discipleship for followers of Jesus. And for many church leaders this has posed some acute questions. How do we go back to the Bible to rediscover the foundational teachings of Christ that equip us for service? How can we support believers as disciples in this age of loud voices competing for our loyalty? What perspectives from the global Church will shed light on our blind spots? And how can we work together across ages, ethnic differences and tribal identities to encourage one another in joint purpose and perseverance? With theological reflection, live interviews and interactive discussion, the Bible Society team and guests will explore this crucial subject for the future of the Church. Join us at the venue or online as we explore the theme of discipleship together.

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