Eden – God’s story through spoken word

Order the book, watch the film, read the poem, journal your reflections and have a go at sharing the four beat story of scripture.

Eden is a spoken word, a film, a booklet and an online webpage. It’s a multi tool resource created to help you engage with God’s story in a fresh way.

What is the Eden resource?

In the summer of 2018 Dai and the Spoken-Truth team created the spoken word film ‘Eden’. In May 2019 – we produced the accompanying booklet, which is designed to interact with the film and this webpage. Eden exists to get you thinking about God’s story through the Bible in a creative way. 

The booklet

The booklet is split into 5 sections – a creative introduction, a link to the spoken word film, the script of the spoken word poem, questions to reflect on, and a space to get creative yourself.

It can be used as a small group resource, a devotional to use personally, or as an alternative to a Bible or Gospel tract.

In order to make full use of the Eden resource, we’d love you to consider ordering a copy of the ‘Eden’ booklet for just £2 (or if you wish to order more than 10, £1 a copy).

 Order the booklet

The film

Eden is a spoken word film, telling the story of scripture in four beats – creation, fall, redemption and new creation. Written and performed by Dai Woolridge, the story captures the essence of the Gospel narrative and the Bible story in under 5 minutes. This film is a spoken-truth and Bible Society resource made free to watch, download and share – on social media, to a small group, school or Sunday service.

Download Eden free (180mb)

Your turn

Eden creatively unpacks four key beats in the overarching story of the Bible, but maybe you’d like to have a go yourself? If you’re a poet laureate and creating a couple of couplets comes naturally to you, or if the thought of a poem sends you into a panic, our hope is that you have a go yourself in the ‘Your turn’ section of the Eden booklet. You won’t be judged with marks out of 10, we’d just love you to engage with the story.

Often, the hardest part of creating something is getting started.

Dai has suggested a couple of poetic templates that you can use to frame your creativity...

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We hope this little resource, helps you to engage with the story of scripture in a fresh way.

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