The journey of Jesus in 3 ½ minutes

To say Jesus did a lot of stuff would be like saying ‘Mount Everest’ is a bit of a climb. But we’ve created The Journey of Jesus in 3 ½ minutes, a free video resource written and narrated by Dai Woolridge. It gives you a glimpse into the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus in, yeah, you’ve got it: 3 ½ minutes!

Download now (26 MB)

If John said all that he recorded didn’t come close to capturing everything that Jesus did, our 3 ½ minute video is not exactly going to be extensive! But we do hope you find it engaging. We pray it helps you enter in to the journey of Jesus through the Gospels in a new way. Enjoy!

Some ideas for using this film…

  • Give a snapshot of Jesus’ life at an Easter service, or throughout the year
  • Introduce the person of Jesus before zooming in on a passage in the Gospels
  • Share in schools, church services, small groups or as an accompaniment to a Bible study
  • Share on your church’s social media channels – or even your own
  • Watch alongside the first film in the series, The Old Testament Journey in 3 ½ minutes.

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