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William Salesbury 1567 New Testament and Psalms

Testament Newydd a Salmau William Salesbury 1567

Download your free eBooks of the Salesbury 1567 New Testament and Psalms.

In 1563 a law was passed in the name of Queen Elizabeth I, instructing the Anglican Bishops in Wales and Hereford to arrange for the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer (including the Psalms) to be translated into Welsh.

Just over 450 years after Salesbury translated the New Testament and Psalms into Welsh, we're happy to make them available to you in two eBook formats:

  • .mobi (compatible with Amazon Kindle devices)
  • .epub (compatible with iPads)

New Testament 1567 – William Salesbury

The first translation of the New Testament into Welsh. William Salesbury translated most of the work.  The First Epistle to Timothy, Hebrews, James, and 1 and 2 Peter were translated by Bishop Richard Davies, and Revelation was translated by Thomas Huet.

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Psalms 1567 – William Salesbury

The first translation of the Psalms in Welsh.  Translated from the Hebrew and Greek by William Salesbury.

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