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Enabling every child to hear the story of the Bible at school in their primary years.

Children love stories – especially Bible stories when they’re interactive, engaging and fun.

Open the Book began in 1999 and since then thousands of school children have discovered Bible stories, during assembly and collective worship.

Today, so many children could miss out on the great classic stories from the Bible – Noah, Daniel and the life of Jesus could be closed chapters if youngsters don’t get an opportunity to engage with the Bible.

That’s why Open the Book is so important. It’s a three-year rolling programme of themed and dramatised storytelling at no charge to primary schools. Teams of volunteers throughout the country use drama, mime, props, costume – and even the children and staff themselves – to present the Bible stories in lively and informative ways.

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‘The stories actually make us laugh – and you wouldn’t have thought Bible stories were funny. It makes you smile because of how amazing the stories are.’

Darcey, aged 10


‘I like doing the acting with Open the Book because we do different things every week. My best story was the one with the giant, where the boy throws stones at the giant. I have never heard these stories before, but they are really good.’

Isabelle, aged 7

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Do you have members of your congregation who would like to see children experience great Bible stories?

Are you a teacher who has struggled to find Bible-related assembly material? Would you like storytellers to take an assembly once a week?