Bible Uncertain

'I can see it might have potential, but I'm not sure it has much to say to me.'

I'm not really a practising Christian, whatever that means – I don't go to church. People like me can see some value in the Bible as it's shaped our culture and provides a strong moral basis for society. We like some of the stories, too, but reading it isn't an essential part of being a Christian. Anyway, it's not relevant for me, though we don't think it's actually harmful. Aside from that, we’re not too confident reading it or talking about it – though some of us would quite like to find out more about it. Can it answer the deep questions of life? We don't really know. 

We feel the world is getting worse and we’re pretty helpless to fix it. What's important to us about Christianity is its social responsibility and the way it helps the needy. We're not really interested in the doctrinal stuff and we're not particularly drawn to church buildings or rituals. 

We think the role of the Church is to provide a moral basis and help society. We think the Church might be able to do this but its methods need some work.

We tend to be younger and less affluent than Bible Nostalgic people. We’re not satisfied with our lives and the way things are, and we want things to get better. We're searching for meaning; if the Bible could really offer that, we’d be interested. But we haven’t really seen any evidence that it could. 

We’re seven per cent of the population, middle-aged and active on the internet and social media.