Bible Loving

'This book brings life! Now, how can I better share it with others?'

I see the Bible as a key element of my faith and I know it well. People like me believe it's God's divine word and should be valued as such. We feel society is better the more it's rooted in Christian values,  it is, and the Bible is a key part of that; it's certainly not a source of harm in the world. 

We believe God is active in our lives and in the world, and that the Bible is one of the ways he makes himself known to us. We go to church weekly and often read the Bible daily – certainly weekly. It brings us closer to God and we don't think it's inaccurate or untrustworthy; nearly half of us believe that, ‘Every word in the Bible is the way God intended the human authors to write it.' We turn to it in times of need and we'd be happy discussing it with other people. We read the Bible to deepen our faith, to learn to live how God wants us to and to become who God wants us to be. 

The Church's role is to share the gospel of salvation, help people to encounter God, and serve the poor and those on the edges of society. 

We’re family and community focused. Our lives are happy and satisfying. Our faith gives us identity; our need is really to strengthen and develop that. 

We're five per cent of the population and older than average.