Bible Indifferent

'I just don't care about it. I can't see why it's worth my time or energy.' 

People like me don't really think about the Bible at all. We might have been exposed to it at school, but it didn't really grab us. It’s just a book written by people. We don't mind other people reading it or being Christians if that works for them, but it's not for us. 

We’re really not religious and don't go to church, so the Bible doesn’t feature on our radar. From what we do know about it, it's long, complicated and hard to understand. It's not relevant to us personally and has no bearing on how we live our lives.

We aren't really hostile to Christianity; it just doesn't register with us. It can develop good values and morals, but you don't need religion to be good. It's past its sell-by date – Christianity isn't really suitable for modern society. 

We're 23 per cent of the population. A lot of us are young and not very well off. A good number of us are searching for meaning and feel a sense of dissatisfaction with life. 

We want to be comfortable, both financially and socially. We feel the problems of the world are too big for us; we just want our personal world to be as comfortable as possible.

Most of us don't have a faith, though we might be on the fence about whether there's a God or not – we're really not that interested. If the Church has a role, it's about serving the poor.

We're focused on being comfortable and the day-to-day; the big questions can wait.