Discovery Bible Study

A Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is an engaging and participatory way to grow and learn from God’s word. Not only does it help someone contemplate on the text, it also leaves room for them to consider how it effects their life. Moreover, it lets the Bible speak for itself. It also leaves time for the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts as they reflect on what the Scripture is saying. 

Normally, the DBS method is done in groups. It can involve any passage from the Bible. The learning from the study is shared and there is a mutual benefit from the sharing of information. The participatory method allows for peoples voices to be heard and increases the likelihood that the participants will remember what is being communicated.

A DBS meeting consists of 3 sections:

1. Fellowship

2. Story

3. Application


The Waha App is a free tool to help you use the DBS method in small groups. It comes in multiple languages including English, French, Russian and different dialects of Arabic. It allows anyone to facilitate the Bible study and helps people to engage with the powerful word of the Bible.  

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