People think the Bible is outdated and contradictory – but they say good things too

Participants were asked to choose five words that described their response to the Bible from a list containing positive and negative expressions.

...The two highest scores were for 'outdated' and 'contradictory' at 36 and 32 per cent respectively. Other negatives were 'judgmental' at 25 per cent, 'anti-women' at 15 per cent and 'homophobic' at 16 per cent (more men – 17 per cent – think this than women – 15 per cent). 'Confusing' and 'boring' are both on 15 per cent.

However, that's not the whole story. Respondents also chose words like 'guidance' (22 per cent, 'comforting' (13), 'hope' (15), 'inspiring' (10) and 'wisdom' (16) to express how they feel about the Bible. 

Showing that the Bible is relevant and trustworthy is obviously a major project.