London has the lowest proportion of Christians

The relatively low proportion of Christian Londoners reflects its cosmopolitan nature; there are lots of other religions there, with 19 per cent belonging to non-Christian faiths. It also has a relatively low proportion of non-religious people, at just over 47 per cent – only the North West and West Midlands are slightly lower. 

The North West has the highest proportion of people who identify as Christian, at 44 per cent respectively; Wales and the North East are second, with around 43 per cent. Aside from London, Yorkshire and Humber, the East Midlands and East of England are joint lowest on around 40 per cent.

East Midlands

Yorkshire & Humber

North West

North East

West Midlands

East of England


South East

South West


Christian (exc Jehovah's Witness / LDS)MuslimJewishHinduBuddhistSikhOther religion or faithNot religious/I don't have a religion or faith
East Midlands39.73%1.82%0.41%1.5%0.69%0.55%3.79%51.51%
Yorkshire & Humber39.53%3.46%0.54%0.25%1.02%0.1%3.69%51.42%
North West43.82%3.09%1.05%0.7%0.84%0.12%3.4%46.98%
North East42.81%0.87%0.4%0.15%1.01%0.24%4.08%50.43%
West Midlands41.38%4.34%0.18%1.13%1.13%1.55%3.68%46.62%
East of England40.45%1.07%1.32%0.86%1.5%0.17%3.67%50.96%
South East41.25%1.16%0.75%1.08%1.45%0.45%3.81%50.05%
South West40.59%0.35%0.28%0.53%1.59%0%4.53%52.14%