A quarter of adults in England and Wales want to know more about the Bible

Asked, '‘To what extent would you be interested or not in discovering more about the Bible?’ a total of 23 per cent of adults in England and Wales selected 'fairly interested' or 'very interested'.

16 per cent said they were 'fairly interested' and seven per cent 'very interested'. More of those aged 18-24 – 17 per cent – were fairly interested compared with those aged 45-64, at only 15 per cent.

Not at all interestedNot very interestedFairly interestedVery interestedDon't know

18 to 24

25 to 34

35 to 44

45 to 54

55 to 64

65 to 74


Not at all interestedNot very interestedFairly interestedVery interestedDon't know
18 to 2443.05%26.25%17.28%5.73%7.69%
25 to 3446.97%23.41%16.39%6.74%6.49%
35 to 4450.22%20.71%15.84%6.57%6.66%
45 to 5451.97%21.21%14.71%5.82%6.3%
55 to 6450.13%22.63%14.79%6.95%5.49%
65 to 7444.14%23.58%17%9.11%6.16%

Of those who said they weren't at all interested or not very interested (71 per cent),  59 per cent said it was because they were 'not religious' while 24 per cent answered that 'previous experiences of Christians/church have put me off'.  Other reasons were that people wouldn't have the time (11 per cent) or that they didn't think they'd understand it (five per cent) or that they wouldn't know where to start (six per cent), while 37 per cent said it just wouldn't be relevant to them. 

Many people are open to finding out more about the Bible if they're given help and the right tools. 

Bible Loving

Bible Infrequent

Bible Nostalgic

Bible Uncertain

Bible Conflicted

Bible Cultural

Bible Indifferent

Bible Dismissive

I wouldn't know where to startI wouldn't know how to find the bits relevant to meI don't think I'd understand itI wouldn't have the timeIt wouldn't be relevant to meI think it would be boringI don't like readingI practice a different faithI wouldn't learn anything I don't already knowI'm not religiousPrevious experiences of Christians/church have put me offI tried in the pastOtherDon't know
Bible Loving0%0%11.96%3.64%0%0%5.86%15.79%32.98%0%2.82%0%14.72%12.24%
Bible Infrequent10.52%10.63%2.84%21%5.16%4.27%2.4%2.7%26.57%6.23%11.88%9.36%11.71%15.5%
Bible Nostalgic16.37%16.68%6.27%23.24%12.33%5.3%4.65%2.82%19.82%15.35%13.03%11.78%6.39%14.28%
Bible Uncertain18.42%13.61%12.67%22.22%13.77%11.76%7%3.96%11.85%27.28%14.88%11.65%4.15%7.71%
Bible Conflicted4.07%5.37%3.89%14.73%18.08%6.32%2.04%10.07%22.34%24.38%30.19%10.72%12.5%6.97%
Bible Cultural11.38%8.59%10.22%14.5%24.76%11.45%3.8%6.62%10.48%43.85%15.44%6.64%3.2%8.08%
Bible Indifferent5.7%3.98%5.99%11.04%38.72%19.1%3.65%4.44%7.22%63.24%20.53%5.25%4.07%5.2%
Bible Dismissive0.84%1%0.8%5.61%48.48%13.86%1.33%3.65%15.4%76.27%31.34%5.2%9.05%1.75%