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Free resources for schools

Themed KS2 and KS3 Religious Education resources

These resources have been designed for Key Stage 2 and 3 RE. Some of the resources are available using two different Bible translations, the CEV and the NRSV, so that you can choose the version which is more suitable for your students.

Sources of Wisdom GCSE resources

Sources of Wisdom is a range of student workbooks for GCSE Religious Studies which explore how the Bible is a source of wisdom and authority for Christians, and how it influences Christian beliefs, teachings and practices.

Teachers' Guides

All that you’ll ever need to know about key Bible passages, in under 15 minutes’ reading.  Teachers’ Guides give you clear explanation about Christian beliefs and concepts and insights into related Bible passages, including different interpretations. 

Gospels in Schools and The Old Testament in Schools

Introduce your pupils to passages from the Gospels and the Old Testament and go deeper into well-known stories with these class discussion resources for KS1 and KS2.

The Bible Course: Schools Edition

An eight-session course that explores what the Bible is, what story it tells, and how it can relate to  working in a church school.