The Bible and World War One

School resources

Secondary school resources

Two assemblies and four lesson plans to help your students to reflect on the themes of sanctity of life, sanctuary, sacrifice and reconciliation against the background of 1914-18.

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Primary school resources

Nine sessions, each with an assembly and follow up activities for FS2/KS1 and KS2.

Free eBook: St Paul from the Trenches

While in the trenches at the Front, surrounded by mud and horror, former academic-turned-soldier Gerald Warre Cornish began his own translation of St Paul’s letters.

He was killed in battle in 1916. But his work survives him

Here you can download his incomplete translation, taken from the mud-spattered copybook that he kept with him.

The eBook is available in two file formats, ePub for iOS devices and mobi for Kindle devices.


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