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Hear My Cry

World War One was a tragedy that affected millions of people from all walks of life. As your church or house group reflects on the centenary of the war, Hear My Cry provides a great resource for reflection, with individuals’ stories, readings and Psalms.

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Order of Service and videos

Order of service

This order of service can be used on Remembrance Day or at any other time in the year, if your church is recalling the lives and faith of local people during World War One.

The order includes real-life stories of those who fought in WW1, videos from family members, suggested hymns and readings and ways to visually represent the scale of loss.

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Family members of those who lived and died during World War One talk movingly about their ancestor’s wartime experience and their faith. This is a great resource for churches and house groups alike. 

Free digital book: St Paul from the Trenches

While in the trenches at the Front, surrounded by mud and horror, former academic-turned-soldier Gerald Warre Cornish began his own translation of St Paul’s letters.

He was killed in battle in 1916. But his work survives him. Here you can download his incomplete translation, taken from the mud-spattered copybook that he kept with him.

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