The Bible and World War One


David Evan-Owens’s life revolved around church. He was a stonemason, working at local churches and chapels in Herefordshire. In the evenings, his hobby was bell ringing at Ledbury Parish Church.

David’s granddaughter, Brenda Hill, holds a poignant picture of him, taken in 1910, with the tower of eight bell ringers. Two of the men – including David – did not return from the war. He was killed on the last day of the battle of the Somme in 1916.

‘He was killed alongside another man from Ledbury whose body was never found,’ says Brenda.

She is standing by Ledbury’s war memorial that bears David’s name among the list of 85 who died in the war. The war memorial was commissioned immediately after the end of the war in 1918 and erected two years later.

‘My grandmother always stood as close as she could to the war memorial on Armistice Day, so that she could see his name,’ she says. ‘No-one ever moved her.’

Hear from David's granddaughter, Brenda Hill

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