Cornish Bible Project (Projekt an Bibel Kernewek)

The Cornish Bible project

It took six translators more than 20 years, Cornwall’s 532,300-strong population can now read the Bible online.

Or at least, part of it. Since February 2016, the New Testament and Psalms have been available as an app that’s intended to bring God to the Cornish – thanks to support from Bible Society.

There are an estimated 500 fluent Cornish speakers and a further 3-4,000 who can hold a conversation. ‘The Cornish have been fervently Christian,’ said Bible translator Morris Watts. ‘It’s been an important part of our culture. But now anywhere you are in the world you can get this for free and read the Bible in your language.’

The message of the Angel Gabriel to Mary telling her that she will give birth to Jesus, read in every church at Christmas becomes, ‘Hayl, leun a ras, an Ardloedh genes. Bennigys os yn mysk benynes.’ The opening line of the Lord’s prayer goes from ‘Father, hallowed be thy name’, to ‘Pan wrewgh psyi, leverewgh, a Das, sanshes re bo dha hanow.’ And John 3:16, possibly the most well-known Bible verse, ‘For God so loved the world,’ starts, ‘Rag kemmys y karas Duw an bys.’

An Testament Nowydh ha'n Salmow 2014 (ABK) is available to download as part of the Bible app provided by Youversion.

Projekt an Bibel Kernewek

Ny veu an Bibel treylys dhe Gernewek y’n seytegves kannsblydhen, ha henna a veu onan an achesonyow rag difygyans an yeth. Assays a veu gwrys dhe dreylya peswar chaptra a Jenesis ha Matthew a-dro dhe 1700, mes ny vons sywys.

Projekt an Bibel Kernewek y’n termyn ma a dhallathas yn 1996. Skoedhys yw gans Kesva an Taves Kernewek, ha Bagas Keskusulyans Ekumenek Epskop Truru rag an Yeth Kernewek. Ha lemmyn ynwedh, Kowethas an Bibel re gemmeras an Projekt yn-dann y eskelli.

A-ban veu dyllys an Salmow yn 1997, an ober a dreylya an Testament Koth res eth yn-rag, hag y fydh dyllys tamm ha tamm. An Testament Nowydh kowal a veu dyllys yn 2004, skoedhys gans oll an eglosyow yn Kernow. Arghepskop Kargens a dheuth dhe’n lonch. Oll an treylyansow yw selys yn fyrv war an tekstow ebrow ha greka. Nyns eus dhyn dydhyas rag kowlwrians an ober.

A-dhia’n 1920-ow, servisyow re beu synsys yn eglosyow a dermyn dhe dermyn, hag ymons ow kressya lemmyn. Lennlyver Berr re beu dyllys, may ma ynno prosesow biblek ha pysadow. Ni a breder y vos res porres, bos lev kristyon klewys yn krev yn dasvywans an yeth.

Bringing the Bible to life

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