The competition

Bible Society would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who entered our competition. We received over 300 fantastic entries which we whittled down to 30.

The Beano’s writer and illustrator Kev F Sutherland, who will now draw the winning story, spent the day choosing the winner.

She is Grace Haworth, aged 12, from St Mary’s School in Ascot, who wrote a poem based on Genesis 1–2.

Kev said:

‘Congratulations to all the entrants for taking part and creating such a high standard and broad range of work. They were a delight to read, and a hard job to whittle down to one winner, but thankfully I managed to do it.

‘It was a close run thing when I'd got down to my final half dozen, all of which would have been an honour to draw. But in the end, and with much deliberation, it was Grace's story that won out.

‘You might have expected me to choose one of the all-laughs funny scripts – and I loved so many of them – but the visuals conjured up by this story were its ultimate strength.

Thank you again everyone, I hope you enjoyed taking part.’

Grace and St Mary’s School will now both receive an iPad and Kev has his pencils at the ready to start drawing her story which is printed here in full.

The runners-up were:

Michelle Viljoen, aged 11, The New Convent School, West Sussex
Grace Hawksley, aged 11, from West Sussex
Sarah King, aged 12, Buckinghamshire
Janey-Mai, year 3, Shiplake Primary School, Oxfordshire
Charlotte, aged 11, from New Invention School, West Midlands

The winner

Genesis chapter 1-2

A blank slate,
the chalkboard pristine,
nothing drawn:
before the start of time

The teacher lifts the chalk,
draws the first smooth line,
light against darkness,
makes the start of time

The line extends,
blossoming across the board,
a small contrast,
breathes life into the world

Patterns appear,
ribbons of crystal water,
Pishon, Tigris, Gihon and Euphrates,
the boundaries are set.

He fills the board,
towering trees and delicate flowers,
swaying grass and rolling hills
under his chalk the garden takes form.

A person is made,
formed by his hand,
clearer than the rest:
the master of creation.

Out of him another is made,
the teacher summons her from inside the other,
she is by his side:
man's eternal companion.

No clothes,
no snake,
Adam and Eve-
the garden was made.

Grace Haworth
Year Eight
St Marys Ascot

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