Planning a funeral

If you need help preparing a Christian funeral, we invite you to use our free step-by-step guide

Planning a funeral service for a loved one can present an enormous challenge at an already difficult time, and all the more so in these days of social distancing. But funerals are a wonderful opportunity to remember and to celebrate. 

To support you as you plan a funeral for yourself or a loved one, we have put together a free planning guide that deals with both the practical and the spiritual aspects of a Christian funeral service. We hope this guide is a comfort to you, and we pray it helps makes your memorial everything it should be, even in these times.

Access the Funeral Planning Guide now and you can:


Access the free Funeral Planning Guide  

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Losing a loved one is always difficult. But alongside the pain of loss is the opportunity to remember – to reflect on our loved one’s life and everything they meant to us, in the way they would have wanted.

Many of us know our loved one would want a traditional Christian funeral service, but we aren’t always sure how to plan one.

This site is designed to help you put your funeral plan together. It will guide you step-by-step through the process.

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