Funeral Planning Service

If you’re about to plan a funeral for a loved one or thinking about planning your own, here you’ll find practical resources to help.

Losing a loved one and planning a funeral can be a difficult time. We hope this information will help you plan a funeral from a Christian perspective. Here:

  • You can create a plan, which can be printed and shared, to help you coordinate with the funeral director or church minister.
  • You can find out about the customs within a Christian service, gaining insight into the history behind these time-honoured traditions.
  • You can order leaflets promoting the Christian Funeral Planning service for you to pass on to others.

Planning the service

This guide can help you put your funeral plan together. It will guide you through choosing hymns, writing a eulogy and finding appropriate prayers and readings. You can save your plan to work on later and print it to share with your family, your funeral director or a church leader.

Plan the service

Perspectives from the Bible

There are a wide range of views about what happens after death. In this section we offer a biblical perspective on both the pain of losing a loved one, and the Bible's message of hope and resurrection.

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Dealing with bereavement

Losing a loved one can be very challenging in a whole range of ways, whatever your beliefs.

Here, we point you in the direction of bereavement resources.

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Create or continue with your personal funeral plan

Losing a loved one is always difficult. But alongside the pain of loss is the opportunity to remember – to reflect on our loved one’s life and everything they meant to us, in the way they would have wanted.

Many of us know our loved one would want a traditional Christian funeral service, but we aren’t always sure how to plan one.

This site is designed to help you put your funeral plan together. It will guide you step-by-step through the process.

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