Bible Bedtime

8 out of 10 parents think it’s important to ‘pass on’ Bible stories, and our FREE Bible Bedtime app helps you get started.

Featuring Martin Coleman’s fantastic take on the words, amusing illustrations and the option to create your own pictures, they are perfect for children to read by themselves or with you.

This app will help you and your child to explore these classic stories for yourselves.

How to use the app

You and your child can also use your own pictures in the app. Simply click the links below to print out the basic black and white pictures of the stories to colour in, or grab some paper and draw your own picture. You can even make a model out of Lego, cardboard or plasticine if you’re feeling particularly creative!

Once you've created your artwork, just go to the page of the story you want to use. Then click 'change picture' (top right of the screen).

Now take a photo of your masterpiece on your Apple or Android device. You can drag and spin the photo around until you're happy with the size, rotation and so on. Then hit 'save picture' and, hey presto, your artwork is now in the story!

At the end of every story, you can even 'publish' your pictures, so you can share them with your friends over email or Facebook. And your child’s very own picture will be part of a Bible story.

Get the story print-outs

Download the free app for iPad and Android

Search for Bible Bedtime in the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store, or click one of the buttons below.

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