Bible Bedtime apps

We think the Bible is full of brilliant stories, so we created Bible Bedtime apps to help you bring it to life with your family.

The apps feature words by author Martin Coleman, written in his own unique style. What’s more you can even personalise the illustrations. Re-illustrate each story by printing out the picture outlines from the downloads below and colouring them in. Or why not build a model from Lego, plasticine or cardboard?

Once you've created your artwork, just go to the page of the story you want to use, then click 'change picture' and take a photo of your masterpiece. Hit 'save picture' and, hey presto, your picture is now in the story.

At the end of each story, you can 'publish' your pictures and share them with your friends over email or Facebook. Also, if you want to see the whole picture on any page, just click the 'hide' button.

To get started, check out the apps below.

Our Bible Bedtime apps

Bible Bedtime

Bible Bedtime

Bring these favourite Bible stories to life for children: The Easter story, Adam and Eve, Jonah Runs Away and The Prodigal Son.

Bible Bedtime 2 The Nativity

Bible Bedtime 2 The Nativity

Bring the Nativity story to life for children with this free app. It’s a story in three parts, and includes the arrival of the shepherds and the wise men to see baby Jesus.

Bringing the Bible to life

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