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In the next 10 years, more Christians will live in Africa than on any other continent. Demand for the Bible is already unprecedented – and it’s on the rise. There’s an enormous need and opportunity before us.

As part of our work to bring the Bible to life here at home and across the world, we plan over the next five years to step up our efforts in the toughest, hardest parts of Africa.

Our aim is to reach the poorest, most marginalized men, women and children. People who against the odds are striving to lift themselves out of poverty and instability. We want to give them a helping hand by offering them the Bible and the value that the Scriptures bring.

43% of Africa's population live on less than £1.35 per day

We’ll be working in countries like South Sudan, Swaziland, Congo and Central African Republic and we’ll be reaching out to leaders too, to help them lead with wisdom.

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Seeing the Bible come to life in Africa

We have a long track record of working in Africa. We have witnessed the power of the Bible to bring hope and peace to even the most troubled communities. We have seen that God’s word can build bridges where there is conflict and offer hope where it is most needed.

By 2020 almost 50% of Africans are expected to identify as Christians

We know leaders can draw from the Bible’s practical advice and wisdom to shape societies, particularly on issues of peace, justice and socio-economic development. We know that when people engage with the Bible, their lives can change, for good.

Provide the Bible in Africa’s toughest places

Provide the Bible in Africa’s toughest places

In the Central African Republic, violence is everywhere and poverty is rife. But in this volatile, dangerous place, people long for the Bible. You can help provide it today.

Under pressure and needing Bibles

Under pressure and needing Bibles

The Church in Algeria is facing pressure like never before. But more and more people are asking for Bibles.

Pray with us

Pray with us

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Bringing the Bible to life

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