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Open the Book

Help us bring the Bible to life for children at school in their primary years. Find out more about Open the Book, and how you can get involved.

Open the Book reaches 2000 schools

Two thousand registered primary schools are now taking part in Open the Book and over 400 schools have registered for the scheme since October 2014. There are now over 11,000 volunteer Bible storytellers going into schools across the UK.

Will you Open the Book for the next generation?

Open the Book volunteers are invited into thousands of primary schools – and yet there’s so much more we can do to reach the next generation.

Open the Book launches Art Competition in Cheltenham

Children from Cheltenham are being encouraged to produce a picture of their favourite Bible story for a competition run by Bible Society’s Open the Book.

Bible Society and Open the Book establish new partnership

Bible Society and Open the Book have joined forces. Bible Society was established in 1804 to encourage the wider 'circulation and use' of the Scriptures. Open the Book began in Bedford in 1999.

Scilly Isles’ Open the Book ‘a big hit’ says chaplain

More than 120 children on the island of St Mary’s in the Scilly Isles have been taking part in Open The Book. And, the dramatic re-telling of biblical stories during assemblies has been ‘a bit hit’ according to chaplain, Canon Paul Miller.

Open the Book presents prizes to winning entries of art competition

Paul Hobbs, a Christian artist and Bible Society champion has presented several prizes to children at the Christian Arts festival in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Focus on Accra, Ghana

A group of excited children dashed over as our truck pulled up outside the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church School in Accra, Ghana. Their buzzing chatter filled the early morning air and they reached into the vehicle, grabbing props and costum...

Prayer Evening - Wednesday 10 May 2017 - Westminster

Open the Book will be hosting a prayer event for our schools and church communities in North London

Initial training - Calne, Wiltshire - Saturday 8 July 2017

If you’re thinking of starting a team or joining an existing team, you will learn how to be a part of the growing number of Open the Book storytellers in schools across our land, bringing the Bible to life.

Bringing the Bible to life

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