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The Journey of the Early Church in 3 ½ minutes

Picking up where we left off in The Journey of Jesus in 3 ½ minutes, we're looking at the beginnings of the Church in The Early Church Journey in 3 ½ minutes, a free video resource written and a narrated by Dai Woolridge.

The journey of Jesus in 3 ½ minutes

To say Jesus did a lot of stuff would be like saying ‘Mount Everest’ is a bit of a climb. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John total some 89 Chapters, each one filled to the brim with all things Jesus. But we’ve created The Journey of Jesus in 3.5 minu...

The Old Testament journey in 3 ½ minutes

Watch the story of Israel in the Old Testament in just 3 ½ minutes in this animation with commentary from tour guide Dai Woolridge.

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