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Q&A Dai Woolridge – Prayers, Texts and Tears

When Dai Woolridge suddenly lost his father to cancer, his response was creative. We caught up with Dai to find out about how this life changing event resulted in creating Prayers, Texts and Tears.

Why I love the Passion play in Trafalgar Square

Journalist Hazel Southam reflects of the experience of reporting on the dramatic depiction of Jesus' miracles, trials and death.

Ministry in the midst of danger

Running Bible Society in Pakistan is a risky business, but it doesn't stop Anthony Lamuel. Find out how he's sharing God's work and strengthening the Church in a place where Christians are a persecuted minority. 

How the Bible moved this young man from witchcraft to Christ

From a life of witchcraft and crime to a relationship with Jesus thanks to the Good Samaritan programme.

Prayer request from our team in Aleppo

Our team in Aleppo are still operating despite the huge conflict in city, which is under siege.

‘The most dangerous place in Nairobi’ is now a natural haven

The Karuna Forest forest was once Nairobi's most dangerous place. But now members of Bible Society are planting trees there...

Meet our new Chief Executive

Paul Williams tells us how the Bible’s shaped his thinking, how he came to be at Bible Society, why he’s excited about the future…

Why I'm leaving a legacy to Bible Society

Brenda was captured by the words of Bible as a young girl and has loved it ever since. 'Because I love the Bible, I want other people to love it too,' she says.

A Bible to fight the isolation of deaf children

Did you know that the deafness rate among children born with HIV is much higher than those without? Find out how we’re at work in Swaziland – a country with the world’s highest rate of HIV – to ensure deaf children don’t miss out on the sto...

Supporting Algeria’s secret believers

Algeria’s secret believers must hide their faith. But demand for the Bible is higher than ever.

How the Gospel of Luke changed the life of a former drug dealer

Algeria is a hostile place to be a Christian, but Christianity is growing. For former-drug dealer, Idir, life has been transformed through discovering Christ – and it all began with the Gospel of Luke…

Bibles for Alpha in Ghana

We want to provide each Alpha participant in Ghana – prisoners, students, and the rural poor – with something remarkable: a Bible of their own.

Bible Society team gives Bibles to Calais refugees

Staff from Bible Society have given out Bibles to asylum seekers in 'the jungle' in Calais as part of the society’s response to the refugee crisis in Europe. The team gave out over 500 New Testaments, Gospels and Bibles in Amharic and Arabic.
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