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Survey of Chinese in the UK

If you are an ethnic Chinese living in the UK, please take part in a survey to help us prepare for the many Chinese who will be arriving here in the next few years.

China’s pastor crisis

It’s 4 am and still dark in the small town of Luhe in central China. The town is asleep, but Revd Liu Xiaofan is awake. Every day for the last 35 years, he’s risen at this time.

Mary Jones: A Bible for all

She was so poor that she had to save for two years to buy a Bible of her own. But now Mary Jones is at the heart of an exhibition at the National Library of Wales.

Join the Bible mission community

Will you release the power of God’s word to change lives on a regular basis as a member of Bible a Month?

Your gift this Christmas

Share the good news when it really matters.

Pedal power puts even more mileage into Bible mission

Bike for Bibles 2021 has been a great success, putting more mileage into Bible mission worldwide.

Will you support the rapidly growing Chinese Church this Giving Tuesday?

Help raise £5,000 in a day to meet China’s urgent need for Bibles and ministers

Why I'm training to be a pastor in China

Xie Rongbin, 28, is training to be a pastor in China, where there is currently only one trained minster to 6,700 Christians. He told us what motivates him and how to avoid writing boring sermons.

The true God triumphs in the land of the pharaohs

There is an oasis of opportunity for Bible work in Egypt, especially in the digital realm, reports Ramez Attalah, leader of Bible Society in Egypt.

I hid my Bible in a pig sty

What if your Bible smelled of pig’s manure? Would you still want to pick it up and read it? Long Qinmei did. Because it was her one and only Bible and she cherished it so much.

Please DO walk on the grass

How about creating a Psalm 23-inspired community garden? Hazel Southam shows us how it’s done.

Bibles and aid get through to vulnerable people in Iraq

The relief and joy were visible in the woman’s face as the package with food and Scripture was placed into her hands.

Translating the Bible into new languages

Your Rooted subscription supports translation projects around the world and means people can hear God’s word in their own language. This is Pastor Wenfu’s story.

Chinese preachers spurred on to continue Bible mission in the face of virus pandemic

Mu Weixu, a 33-year-old preacher who lives in a mountainous area of Yunnan province, faces many challenges. And that was before the coronavirus outbreak.

In unprecedented times, ‘be strong, and let your heart take courage.’

Thank you for providing the Bible around the world.

This Christmas you can give the greatest gift

Around the world the Bible’s message is changing lives. But the Bible need keeps growing.

Thank You

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