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I’m a medical researcher

I’m a medical researcher. I grew up in Xinjing Province in China. I didn’t have much information about Christianity or the Bible. No-one believed around us. It was only when I came to this country that I had contact with Christianity. I lived in ...

Climbing many mountains to spread God’s word in China

It’s not very often a preacher has to scale a cliff to get into his pulpit, but that is the kind of terrain that Pu Zhidui must overcome.

Chinese student embraces Bible school rather than a secure business career

Ning, a 23-year-old student in China, was about to opt for security through money over God’s call, but then she entered Bible school and saw the bigger picture.

Will you help train leaders for the Chinese church?

China’s urgent Bible need is for more pastors. Your support today will send students to seminary and equip lay preachers to serve the growing Church.

God’s word is in huge demand in China. Your help today will be doubled.

The biggest Bible factory in the world is ready to produce Bibles on a massive scale. It only needs the paper to print them, and whatever you can give towards providing that paper will be matched by a generous supporter.

Chinese lay preachers full of thanks for ‘precious’ Study Bible

Chinese lay preachers have recorded video messages to express their gratitude to Bible Society supporters after being provided with free Chinese Study Bibles.

Bible a Month

Join Bible a Month and help give the Bible around the world, changing lives, month after month.


Do you have a heart for giving gifts that can have a significant, transformative impact on the world?

Bible in a year: April

Tom looks back on April's reading and what stirred his heart last month.

Our history

Over 200 years ago a Welsh girl named Mary Jones walked over 26 miles to buy a Bible from Revd Thomas Charles. This one act led to the formation of Bible Society.

Bible Q&A: Why bother about this planet if there's going to be a new earth?

What is the relationship between the new heaven and the new earth in the Book of Revelation? If there is to be a new earth and the present one is to be destroyed, how far should Christians be concerned about the conservation of the old and the green ...

Around the world

We operate in over 200 countries around the world. Through translation, publishing, distribution, engagement and advocacy programmes, we enable people to experience the Bible in their heart language.

Volunteer for us

By volunteering with us, you can play your part in offering the Bible to the world and see lives change – for good.

A gift in your will

It’s a big mission, making the Bible available to the world. For us, it started more than 200 years ago in North Wales when a girl saved for years and walked for miles to get a Bible of her own. With a gift in your will, you’ll enable future gene...

Fundraise for us

Are you passionate about seeing people’s lives transformed by God’s word? You’ve come to the right place. At Bible Society, we’re on a global mission to bring the Bible to life for every adult and every child. Thank you so much for your inter...

Ride with us this September

Welcome to Bike for Bibles! We believe the Bible changes lives for good and this is your opportunity to help make that happen for people all over the world.

With the Chinese Church in the UK at a crossroads, now is the time to act

We’re preparing to welcome many more Chinese Christians into the UK
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