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In China

More than a million new Christians are coming to faith in China every year.

China prayer tree

In China, it’s estimated that the Church is growing by a million people every year. Will you pray that new believers are able to grow in their faith and encourage others?

Entering the ministry in China: the threat of cults

When churches in China were forced to shut their doors during the pandemic, cult groups used the internet to try and lure people away from the truth.

He’d walk nine hours to preach the gospel in China

Long Xinrong used to walk nine hours to preach the gospel in China, until his prayers were answered and Bible Society supporters provided him with a motorcycle

Entering the ministry in China: trusting God’s call

Entering the ministry in China can be a very tough career choice, but more people are answering God’s call, encouraged by your prayerful support of training programmes.

Bible mission enters crucial phase in China

Arleen Luo, Bible Society’s China Mission Specialist, shares both the challenges and opportunities of spreading the word of God in China and explains why your continued support is so vital today.

Bible printing increasing to full capacity in China as nation begins recovery from Covid-19

Bible production is moving back to full speed in China as people start returning to work with the threat of the coronavirus receding.

From the bottom of the bottle to the pulpit in China

The story of Sun Liujun, who swapped partying for the pulpit in China.

China special part 2 of 3: Millions of sheep, but few shepherds

This is the second in a three-part series on difficulties facing the Church in China during 2020, the year of the pandemic.

China special part 3 of 3: Suffering church shares blessings

This is the final part in a three-part series on difficulties facing the Church in China during 2020, the year of the pandemic.

Wiltshire man leaves £100,000 in his will to train pastors in China

Ian wrote the final chapter in his life before he passed away earlier this year – after taking care of his loved ones, he left £100,000 in his will to train pastors in China.

Flood victims in China ask for Bibles and will get them thanks to you

Thousands of flood victims in China, many of whom have lost all their possessions, will be provided with free Bibles thanks to your generosity.

China special part 1 of 3: Being thankful and trusting in God during Covid

This is the first in a three-part series of stories on difficulties facing the Church in China during 2020, the year of the pandemic.

Mountain preacher rides high on his new motorbike in China

Fourteen motorcycles have been provided for rural preachers to deliver Bibles and preach the gospel in rural China. Many more Christians in mainly poor areas are now experiencing the power of God’s word and it’s down to the generous support of pe...

Church bookstores reopen in China; 11,000 free Scriptures head to Inner Mongolia

China’s authorities have given the green light for places of worship to reopen, meaning that Bibles are back on sale in church bookstores.

Virus outbreak sees Christians in China depending increasingly on God’s word

With the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak – now a global health emergency – on their doorstep, Christians in China are relying even more on their Bibles and reading at home.

A message from China: thank you

Since the summer, supporters like you have generously donated more than £100,000 towards Bible work in China, which will be doubled to an amazing £200,000! Thank you so much; your kindness left us humbled and grateful.

China double donation appeal

Christianity in China is growing faster than we can possibly imagine. Will you help keep up with the demand for Bibles?

Climbing many mountains to spread God’s word in China

It’s not very often a preacher has to scale a cliff to get into his pulpit, but that is the kind of terrain that Pu Zhidui must overcome.
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