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The Bible and World War One

Remembrance Sunday, 11 November 2018, marks the centenary of the end of World War One. It’s a time for reflection. A time to pray for peace.

World War One soldier saved by his Bible

The story of a soldier saved by his Bible during World War One is included in a book by Antiques Roadshow expert, Paul Atterbury.

School resources to commemorate World War One (WW1)

This World War One educational resource is for mixed-age use in schools.

World War One Anniversaries

2014 was the start of the centenary of World War One. During the course of the centenary there will be many remembrances of key events that happened during the war.

Prayers and Bible readings mark centenary of World War One

Prayers will be said and Bible verses read across the country today as we remember the centenary of World War One.

BBC report highlights importance of Bible to WW1 soldiers

On yesterday’s News at Ten, Martin Bashir, told the moving story of George Vinall, whose Bible took the impact of bullets while he was serving at the Western Front during World War One.

World War One soldier survives attack to later find bullet in Bible

28 year old George Hever Vinall sent a letter to his parents in July 1917 which tells the story of how he survived an artillery attack and later found a bullet lodged in his Bible.

Chaplains in World War One

Providing spiritual solace to the forces was key. But the Armed Forces got off to a slow start. At the outbreak of war there were just 116 chaplains. By 1918 there were some 3,000 in France alone.

World War One Poets and Poetry

The War became a topic for many poets. Perhaps the best known are Rupert Brooke, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.

Bringing the Bible to life

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