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Moses on your iPad

A mobile game based on the story of Moses parting the Red Sea is being devised for 21st century tablets.

Church rejects women bishops

The Church of England was plunged into turmoil after legislation introducing the first women bishops failed to clear its final hurdle at the General Synod.

What it's like to be accused of witchcraft

Sixty-nine year-old Enifa Ngulama sits on her portch in the village of Kasarika in southern Malawi chatting to her neighbour.

Jamaican New Testament launched

More than 100 people gathered at the Jamaican High Commission in London yesterday [Tuesday] for the launch of the Jamaican New Testament. It was the result of a 20-year-project.

Comment: on wearing crosses and carrying them

Here's my question, and it's really one of emphasis: is all this noise being made about the right to wear a cross threatening to overwhelm any signal about the call to carry one?

ABLI forum 2012

Leaders from 12 African nations came together for the ABLI forum 2012 to wrestle with issues ranging from terrorism and corruption, to women in leadership.

Prayer Breakfast call for peace

London’s Olympic Games must be a trigger for a search for global peace. That was the message at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast from Lord Michael Bates.

Blair 'does God' at Westminster Faith Debate

After years of 'not doing God', Tony Blair finally did 'do God' last night, at the last of the Westminster Faith Debates.

The Jubilee provides the opportunity to re-think values, urges Bishop of London

The Jubilee offers society an opportunity to fundamentally reassess its value systems, the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, claims in a new pamphlet to be delivered to every MP.

Poll reveals three quarters of people believe the Church of England should allow women bishops

On the day of the Church of England synod debate a poll reveals three-quarters of people believe the it should allow women to become bishops.

UK needs a summer of reflection, says Lord Puttnam

As we enter a summer of celebration with the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee, we must not stop reflecting on how we need to change as a nation. That was the message from Lord David Puttnam, producer of Chariots of Fire, as he opened the Christian ...

EXPOSED 2013: Exposing Global Corruption

EXPOSED – Shining a Light on Corruption - 14-20 October 2013 Christians around the world will raise their voices together in a united response against corruption in 2013.

Tim Bassford wins Pitch 2011

Tim Bassford, from Nottingham, has won The Pitch film competition 2011 with Samson. He will now get £30,000 of production support to make his short film and take it to Hollywood to meet industry professionals including Ralph Winter, the producer of ...

Jesus story on CD for every home in Jersey

Every home in Jersey is getting a copy of the story of Jesus on CD. In all around 90,000 people – some who will never have heard it before – are being invited to Switch On and listen to Mark’s gospel.

We'd like to say Thank You

This Christmas and New Year we'd like to say, thank you for your support.

Filming on the set of Rahab

Filming on the set of Rahab - the winning pitch of the 2010 Enter The Pitch film competition - has now finished. The winner, Rob McLellan based his short film idea on the story of the prostitute Rahab, who escapes the destruction of the city of Jeric...

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