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Bible Q&A: What’s so special about the Lord’s Prayer?

When Jesus’ disciples asked him to teach them how to pray, he gave them no course book or lecture series but a simple, 60-second prayer. It’s been at the heart of Christian worship ever since.

Read the Bible

Use our online Bible search tool to read the Bible online, search the Bible, compare Bible verses, and comment, as well as saving notes and sharing animated Bible verses.

Five ways to pray with the Bible

Christians believe that when they read the Bible God speaks. If you are new to Bible reading as a Christian it is important to recognise that it is slightly different to reading other books.

Top 5 Bible questions

Here are some answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the Bible...

The Bible and Covid-19: Lament and hope

Somewhere in the last few decades, it seems we lost the ability to lament. It's not hard to see why.

Story of the Bible, Act 12: New Creation

We might not know much about what it will look like or how it will arrive, but the Bible is clear that history is moving towards a point, when God's purposes for creation will be fulfilled.

Around the world

We operate in over 200 countries around the world. Through translation, publishing, distribution, engagement and advocacy programmes, we enable people to experience the Bible in their heart language.

Bringing the Bible to life in South Sudan

One man determined to bring the Bible to life in one of the world’s toughest places.

Opening the Bible with school children in Ghana

Our Bible storytelling project, Open the Book, is helping school children in Ghana encounter Jesus through the stories of the Bible. And it’s shaping an entire generation.

My journey into the shadow of death

Cameroon Bible Society leader Luc Gnowa tells us of his dangerous and emotional trip to the village of two Bible Society workers who were murdered by Islamist terrorists.

Bible Q&A: Was one of the apostles a woman?

Who was Junia, the female apostle mentioned in Romans 16.7?

The true God triumphs in the land of the pharaohs

There is an oasis of opportunity for Bible work in Egypt, especially in the digital realm, reports Ramez Attalah, leader of Bible Society in Egypt.

Story of the Bible: The Fall

The first two chapters of the Bible give us a picture of a world that's perfectly designed by God and perfectly in line with his will and character. People live in the way they're meant to live, and all the ingredients of the natural world are in har...

Keyboard volunteers recover lost Bible translations

Having the Bible available on our phones or laptops is normal for most of us, and it's incredibly useful – it's always available, we can cut and paste text, compare translations and find verses easily.

Story of the Bible, Act 4: The Exile

After the escape from Egypt, the Exile is the most important event in the life of God's people in the Old Testament.

What the Bible has to say about inequality

A new report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies says some people are earning vast amounts of money while others are under extreme financial pressure. What might the Bible have to say on the matter? Mark Woods explores.

Copyright and permissions

Information on using Bible text and illustrations.

Anthem of the free

Has the gentle nature of Christmas carols dulled the subversive quality of The Magnificat? Paul Woolley takes a fresh look at the original Christmas song and shows us how Mary, its author, ushers in a new world order. 


Bible Book Club guide: John’s Gospel is the most reflective and overtly theological of all the Gospels.

I’d always read the Bible every day

I’d always read the Bible every day. But I was in a job that was all about following the money. Eventually, in a job like that, people become frustrated. Then, in 2011, I was in Kenya attending a conference. There was a break for reflection. I came...

Bringing the Bible to life

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