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I personally find my most significant encounters with God happen through moments

I personally find my most significant encounters with God happen through moments when I’m studying the Bible. In my late teens, I went through Ephesians and it had a major impact on me. I got a fresh experience of God’s love for me and how much J...

Bible Q&A: What is the gift of speaking in tongues, and is it for today?

These gifts are things God allows us to do to serve and encourage one another by his power, and they signify that a believer has the Holy Spirit in their lives. They are exercised through faith.

In the Middle East

We have a special place in our hearts for the Middle East. We’ve been working to bring the Bible to life there for nearly 70 years – and have no intention of leaving.

Terms and conditions

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9 top tips for reading the Bible in a year

The perks are great – daily inspiration; light bulb moments as you see how the whole thing fits together; plus the big achievement fist pump at the end. But reading the Bible all the way through can be tough.

The Psalms

Bible Book Club guide: The book of Psalms (also known as the Psalter) is a collection of 150 poems, prayers, hymns and meditations.

Will you bring the Bible to remote communities in the shadow of extremism?

People living under the threat of Boko Haram are longing to hear God’s word. You can put the Bible in their hands today.

Is the word Easter in the Bible?

Easter is a time when Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. The story is so significant that it is told in all four Gospel accounts in the New Testament.

Bible Q&A: Ancestral lineage in the Bible

Why does the Bible include lots of ancestral lineage in the middle of a story, e.g. Nehemiah?

Story of the Bible, Act 1: Creation

The Bible begins at the beginning, with dramatic scene-setting stories of the creation of the world, including the first people. They shouldn't be read in the same way that we would read a scientific text-book. They're designed to teach us things abo...

Perspectives from the Bible

The Bible engages with some of life’s biggest questions – who we are, what’s our place in the world, what happens after we die.

New to the Bible?

You’ve decided that you’d like to read the Bible, but where do you begin? We've put together some handy guides to get you started.

The Storytelling Programme

Open the Book has produced four years of material to enable teams to present weekly Bible stories in primary school assemblies or acts of Collective Worship.

Open the Book | Sharing Bible stories in primary schools

Help us bring Bible stories to life for every child in every primary school. Find out more about Open the Book, and how you can get involved.

The God who Speaks: The Bible for Catholics

The God who Speaks is our latest initiative in partnership with the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Is the Bible anti-women?

The stories of Scripture reflect a patriarchal world – but as Lisa Cherrett finds, there's a very different story to be told.

7 top tips for reading the Bible

The Bible can seem overwhelming, boring and difficult, but a few basic tips can help you understand it more. Try these…

Bible Q&A: The Bible – an ongoing library?

Given that the Bible is, by definition, a library of books about God and his people, why does it stop at the Book of Revelation? Surely that story is a continuing one which in the present canon of Scripture already goes beyond Jesus’ time?

Does the Bible contain 'antisemitic texts'?

Is the Bible antisemitic? According to the way a disturbing incident on the London Underground on Friday was reported by the media, yes it is.

Bible Q&A: The beginning of the world

Is Genesis an accurate account of the beginning of the world or a layman's version which man can understand without having a Stephen Hawking's degree?

Bringing the Bible to life

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