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Famous stories in the Bible

How about reading some of the Bible's best-loved and best-known stories.

Getting started with the Bible

New to the Bible and not sure where to begin? Here are three top tips to get you going.

Trusting the Bible podcast series

Trusting the Bible is a podcast series by Tyndale House, Cambridge and Bible Society featuring conversations with experts in biblical studies. In this series, we’re exploring the reliability, relevance and reality of the four Gospels.

How can the Bible be interpreted?

Over the centuries, Jewish and Christian scholars have developed different ways of interpreting the Bible.

The Bible in 40 steps

It's possible to trace a story that runs through all the books from beginning to end. These 40 steps carry you through the story of God’s love for the world he created.

From scrolls to scrolling: how technology has shaped our Bible reading

The way we read the Bible is changing, but does it matter, and if so, why? Dr Stephen Holmes explores.

Bible Q&A: Does the Holy Spirit get mentioned before the Day of Pentecost, and in the Old Testament?

The Holy Spirit certainly does appear before Pentecost and in the Old Testament. There is some continuity in the way the Spirit is revealed in both Old and New Testaments, but also some differences.

Bible Q&A: Has the Bible lost its authority?

If each generation has to interpret the Bible in the light of their experience, isn’t its authority lost in the psychology of those interpreting it?

Bible Q&A: Between the Testaments

What happened between the end of the Old Testament and the start of the New Testament?

Which is the best Bible translation?

One of the most asked questions about the Bible is 'what is the best translation?' It all depends on who you are and what you will be using it for.

Bible Q&A: How do we reconcile the differences between the four Gospels?

I suspect more people than usual will currently be asking this question. Christians naturally turn to the Bible, yet the Bible offers no seamless answer to the problem of pain. It speaks in stories and images, and tackles this thorny issue in more wa...

Bible a Month

Join Bible a Month and help give the Bible around the world, changing lives, month after month.

How YOU saved Bible mission in the year of the pandemic (Part 1)

It could have been the year when multiple Bible Societies were forced to close their doors due to the pandemic, but instead Bible Societies throughout the world rallied together in 2020 and were able, through the kind giving of supporters, to ensure ...

Bible Q&A: Does Jesus contradict the writer of Ecclesiastes?

Why are some verses in the book of Ecclesiastes so pessimistic, with advice such as ‘Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die’ included in the Bible? They seem completely contrary to the teaching of Jesus.

How YOU saved Bible mission in the year of the pandemic (Part 2)

Panama, Belarus and Costa Rica are just three of 35 countries whose Bible Societies may not have survived the pandemic if it wasn’t for the generosity of Bible Society supporters through the Solidarity Fund.

Explore the Bible

Find out about the Bible, and its history, also try using our improved Bible search to find the passage you're after, or search the Bible by keyword.

Is the Bible racist?

The death of George Floyd at the hands of police in the US – and more recently of Rayshard Brooks – has galvanised anti-racism activism under the 'Black Lives Matter' banner.

I personally find my most significant encounters with God happen through moments

I personally find my most significant encounters with God happen through moments when I’m studying the Bible. In my late teens, I went through Ephesians and it had a major impact on me. I got a fresh experience of God’s love for me and how much J...

Bible Q&A: What is the gift of speaking in tongues, and is it for today?

These gifts are things God allows us to do to serve and encourage one another by his power, and they signify that a believer has the Holy Spirit in their lives. They are exercised through faith.

In the Middle East

We have a special place in our hearts for the Middle East. We’ve been working to bring the Bible to life there for nearly 70 years – and have no intention of leaving.

Bringing the Bible to life

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