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Lars and the Real Girl - film discussion

Offbeat comedy in which a lonely, delusional Christian man’s life-size female doll becomes his unlikely bridge into fuller membership of a caring, Midwestern town.

Another Year - film discussion

Four seasons in the life of a happily married couple who show hospitality to a circle of disparate family and friends.

The Ghost - film discussion

In this Robert Harris-penned conspiracy thriller, a ghostwriter lands a lucrative contract to help former British prime minister Adam Lang rewrite his memoirs.

True Grit - film discussion

A classic western story centred on the theme of vengeance, but with a twist.

Paul - film discussion

After attending a comic book convention in the US, British comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost go on a drive through an area known for its alleged UFO sightings.

Easy A - film discussion

Easy A is a light-hearted teen comedy which makes some serious points about the reputation we build for ourselves.

Eat Pray Love - film discussion

Eat, Pray, Love it or hate it. This story of a personal search for meaning and fulfilment in life, is based on the number one bestselling book of the same title, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Senna - film discussion

Ayrton Senna da Silva becomes the Brazilian Formula 1 star and three times world champion, urged on by a belief that he is called by God to this task.

Monsters - film discussion

Acclaimed low-budget British movie in which a photojournalist must escort his boss's daughter through Mexico's monster-populated ‘Infected Zone’ back to the safety of the USA.

Made in Dagenham - film discussion

Set in the Dagenham Ford factory in 1968, this upbeat comedy drama follows the campaign by a small minority of Ford employees.

Unstoppable - film discussion

As a runaway train, laden with toxic chemicals hurtles towards the town of Stanton, only two men can stop the impending disaster.

Robin Hood - film discussion

The untold story of the man behind the legend. In an age of oppression and shameless tyranny, Robin, a heroic warrior, turns outlaw and becomes the unlikely hero.

How to Train Your Dragon - film discussion

DreamWorks animation in which young Viking boy, Hiccup, dreams of impressing his fierce tribe and the beautiful Astrid by killing a dragon, but is too weak and good-natured to carry it off.

Avatar - film discussion

As an avator operator on the Planet Pandora, paraplegic ex-marine Jake Sully can walk again - and even ride on the backs of flying dragons - as he enters the unspoilt, beautiful world of the Na'avi people.

Inception - film discussion

In a world where thoughts can be stolen from a person’s dreams, ‘extraction’ expert Cobb and his team embark on the harder task of ‘inception’.

Crazy Heart - film discussion

A washed-out country singer abandons the road to hell and embarks on a journey of redemption.

Toy Story 3 - film discussion

The third instalment of the Toy Story series finds all the usual toys having to face up to Andy, their owner, moving out of home to go to college.

Capitalism: A Love Story - Film discussion

Michael Moore’s most ambitious documentary to date narrates the highs and lows of the relationship between America and capitalism.

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Nowhere Boy - Film discussion

A story of multiple loss, based on the true story of John Lennon’s teenage years.

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